Dear All,

I have one php based application now i want to make interactive application of the same . i started work on flex for php . but now the problem is menu . in current application i have javascript file for menu with few php code i want add this menu to new flex based pages but i am not getting how to do this. i have also tried adding js file to index-html page but not fixed yet.

Can anyone tell me how do i do this ?

Merry Christmas To All :)

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Are you talking about Adobe Flex? If so, how are you creating your app? Just one project that will be entire app or will you have a couple of PHP pages and each one with a different Flex app?

yes i am talking about adobe flex and right now only few php pages to each different flex page.

Ok, so let me tell you, you can't add JS inside Flex, but ActionScript can communicate with JavaScript.
So, you can either make the JS call functions inside the Flex App to set/change the menu or you can make the Flex App call functions in JavaScript, if you are using an HTML menu.

To make this communication you need to use the Flex ExternalInterface class and also set the correct parameters in the embeded flash object in your html markup.

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