hi..all.. im a newbie to wordpress
im using beauty spa theme... but it doesn't support the plugins.. and it also adding the characters like "#!" in the url when i click on the links.
when i removed custom.js from the footer.php the plugins working fine but other functions not working properly...

can any one help me out?? tnx in advnc

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If you need to learn how to make your own plugin or just want to have a greater understanding on how the WP plugins are built, go to this site.

Before attempting to write your own, try adding your custom.js on the header. Sometimes lightbox and colorbox js files can have conflicts with other jquery files.

hi veedeoo... i already tryed like you said... but not working.... is there any otherway to solve this...???


Can you provide me a link where I can browse the source code? I just need to see the jquery part of it..

if it is the jquery conflicting with other libraries, it's possble to fix it as suggested in jquery site.

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