Hi everyone,

I have a website I put together for a photographer and I create a little jquery gallery on the site that works quite simply when you add a new image it automatically creates a thumbnail image to go with it.

Only problem is the client contacts me all the time wanting images added. I know I should have just used Wordpress when I first built the site.

Anyway what I'm after is if someone could point me in the direction of a php tutorial that will show me how to create a image uploaded that when you upload the image it will automatically add that new image to a new li within the gallery and so on for as many images as the client wants to add.

I'm sure this must probably be quite simple I just can't find the right tutorial for what I want.

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Have you tried fetching the images, create a loop, so that for each image that is in the database, has a thumbnail??

At least it has worked for me before.

No, I don't try.
Thanks a lot for help :)

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I'm assuming that the people requesting addition of images are stakeholders and not casual visitors to the site. If so, provide an 'admin area' for the upload of images. I'm assuming that you have a DB holding the image data (filenames and paths). Your php code then dynamically updates the 'gallery' for all to see. Is this what you had in mind?

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