Hello guys,

I'm building a website for tablets and i want o add the ability for the user to swipe down to another div.

I've found some jquery plugins for this but only for left/right, and from some blogs that jquery doesn't support this ? Is that true and how can i overcome this ?

I don't know javascript/jquery and i'd like some help.

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I also recommend learning jquery. start with some books :)

i've found that plugin but i don't know how to trigger the swipe event so that te div will scroll to another..

try is a big thing to say.. because i don't know how to make the page jump to another div instead of saying "you swiped up"..
I know that right now i'm a lost cause at jquery :(

I think maybe I am the one getting lost... so what you are looking for is a way for the user to scroll down the page with his/her finger or are you trying create a link that you click and it takes you down to a specific part of the site??? In other words are you creating a "single-page" site?

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