Hi to All

Just wondering how cn i achieve something like this example

i select January for the first list menu and select 2013 for the second one now what im trying to achieve here is how to show all the data for the said month and year without submitting the form. i dont thing i can use javascript on this one...what should i use?

also you can look at this reference for better visualization


thanks neil

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You'll probably need js if you don't want a screen refresh if you're using php. If you need the server to respond to the action - ajax is your best bet. If not, then you may be able to get all the mysql data into js vars on page load and then just use js to display data in response to actions.

thanks @diafol guess i'll try ajax even though im not really familiar with it...not bad learning new things after all...can you give me some links that explain it cleary in the most simple way?

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Have a look at jQuery - it makes ajax very easy. Otherwise, you need to use pretty convoluted js to get it to work x-browser.