Hey everyone

I am trying to create a function in php that will take the question that the user enters on the website and store it in an array.

here is my code but I highly doubt its right:


class Enligne_Model_DbTables_Users extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract

    protected $eilgne_Questions = null;
    protected $statuses = array(
            0 => 'inactive',  
            1 => 'active', 
            2 => 'activerestricted',  
            3 => 'occurred');
    public function create ($Questions, $eilgne = 'active',
            array $params = array())
                    throw new Bts_Exception('Must enter a Qustion!',


please help me out here I need help on this fast.

I can't see that the code actually does anything. So it's difficult to see what bit of it is failing.

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