I don't know how to quite word this question but I was wondering how to make some jquery interact with programs outside the browser. For instance, if something is clicked on the website of a particular company, and a software from that company is installed I'd like to be able to fill in the particular fields on the installed software such as name, email...

Is it possible to achieve this effect in any way?

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The way you describe it was obscure, hopefully I understand it the way you do and my answer would enlighten you to give you a better explanation for your thought.
First, let me put it this way; JQuery in the basic sense was created due to inconsitencies of browser vendors when it comes to implementing their APIs, that is on the client-side. Yes, you can use jQuery on the server-side but with NodeJS. Currently, it is a package in node to process DOM. And yes, jQuery can interact outside the browser through ajax.
Then with regards to your question, on the context of your example, no, unless the software you're pertaining to is the web browser itself; although I got a gut feeling that's not what you meant of, so no.
And hopefully, although I hope it's not the thought that you're after. It's possible. Go to to a security forum for answers, it's not just jQuery alone. jQuery is more like a layer between the developer and different browser vendor API's inconsistency.

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