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I want to carry out some functions when an executable is opened to manipulate certain windows that are on the computer, someone has recommended a macro for this purpose. The type of function to be performed is basically to open a window and enter some text in it. I'm not able to find any good tutorial or guide for how macros work though so if someone can help here it'd be great.

One more question, with a macro, does it only record button clicks to be at a certain point of your screen? I.e. does it remember that it has to click on dimensions 1100x450 or is it smart enough to know which window a certain button needs to be clicked, I.E on an id basis? Also, any good macro recorders?

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I've used autoitscript in the past for accessing programs and keystoke emulating. Check their website and documentation. It may give you some insight.

One question, in AutoItScript, if I want an open application to be clicked in the taskbar (i.e. to bring the window to the front), will it always click in the exact same place on the screen or will it click on the id/name of the task regardless of where it is located. The latter is what I need.

Similarly, open applications are often in different sizes minimized/maximized. So if I want to autoscript it to close an application by hitting the x on top of the window. Will it just remember that it needs to click at this point of screen, or can it be taught to find the particular program by name/id/etc before hitting the x on it?

I havent used autoitscript in quite some time. I'd refer to the documentation and examples on their site. Unless there is another member on this forum that can better assist.

I only recommended it because your description sounded like autoitscript could be a potential solution.

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