i am sending emails to more than 1000 users at time ,

so i used a datatable to fetch email addresses from DB's table and then i loop over it voa foreach and then send it to each user via net.mail namespace's code

that's ok, Done

But problem is that it slows down the speed, it takes time to send a single line of data to such a heavy amount of users ,

So what is the appropriate way to improve performance , how to gain efficiency

Help !

tools : asp.net 3.5 (c#)

        sql server 2008 
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Is it the same email? Instead of sending the same email 1000 times, why not send the email once to 1000 users (BCC-blind carbon copy)? If there is detalied info for each receipient, you could provide a link in the email back to a web page to collect that info?

Or, rather sending the email from the web application, schedule a stored procedure in your back-end SQL server to run a job where you dont have to worry about the time it takes to complete the task?

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