Hey !!

I have created a web application in ASP.net. In the master page, I am using tables to create the required page display. On the left side, i have an image on an arrow followed by text eg. (img.png)Order. When i click on Order, i need the different types of orders displayed in dropdown. I have hard coded them as of now. and have tried various scripts available. But as it is in table format, It gives me issues. could anyone please help ? I need to do this asap !! Stuck due to it..

An example of whai I need to do :

(image.png) Orders


When i click/hover the mouse on the image, the orders listed should appear just as it exapnds below.

Thank You !!

If you want to create a DropDown menu, I'll suggest you use CSS rather than JavaScript. Scripts generally slow the page load. CSS is more dynamic and easy to use. See the below link for a "CSS DropDown Menu" with no use of JavaScript.

CSS Animated DropDown Menu



Thank you so much for your help. I am unable to access the site just now. Some network issues. Thanks a lot !! :)

Actually i have tried implementing it via CSS but it demanded inclusion of scripts so never thought of it !! Thanx neways !!


The site up and working fine. Thank you for your time, anyway.

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