Can anyone explain me better the conpcept of the webservice. I'm using wamp for a school project, i'm creating an adress-book with JSON and AJAX. The Deitel's one if you have encounteered it before. I have the deitel's code and simply want to implement it in my website. It's requesting webserviceurl. The site i want to create is in php. I have attached the script and highlighted the things i don't understand.

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Hope this explains it:
In a simple sense, webservice is a standardized way for you to provide data and communication to your other software or a 3rd party software.
Like in your php code and your js code, how will the js code understand your php code?

So in this line i should provide the path of the php file, where i have done the connection with the database?
var webServiceUrl = '/AddressBookWebService/AddressService.asmx';

That specifically is just a declaration of a variable and assigning a string. But yes, if you're going to connect and fetch data to that webservice URL of yours. :)

One more thing please, what parameters should i pass here? Thanks in advance
** function callWebService( method, paramString, callBack )**

Based on the code you provided,


  • getAllnames
  • search
  • validateZip
  • validateTel
  • addEntry


  • Any array of an object with a param and value properties.


  • Anonymous function

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