I have this site. It loads slow on first access on the site. Once loaded, just hovering the navigation or scrolling with the mouse gives me slow motion. I hope you could help me find the problem. Click Here for the site.

Hoping for your reply..


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Thanks for the reply!
The site will respond and show the interface. The problem is when you hover the navigation or mouse scroll the page, it lags.

I tried to improve the site trimming the loading time from 6sec to 4sec. Still a lot to cut off.

What do you think?


You should consider clicking on the performance review link on the results page that I provided above. its going to give insight on what you need to do help the performance of the page.

What is actually interesting is that from my mobile phone, the page loads pretty good. However, i just tried it on different browsers from a desktop and its really, really slow. In addition, you have a background image that isnt loading (404 error-check the path).

Also, a big savings could come in if you enable gzip compression. I know how to do this for asp.net/IIS, but you may need to do some research for your scenario. Compressing the transfer will save about 107KB, at least for the index page that was tested.

I dont think jQuery is the problem here.

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Just got my internet fixed thats why my reply is late.
I'm learning a lot from you. Thank you!
I will research on that gzip for sure.

Many thanks!

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