hi guys...

im at the end of my tether with 2co payment gateway...there documentation makes less sense than paypals and the support team dont even acknowledge my emails. i also have a seriously clever programmer on the case who has absolutely no idea what a deadline means and keeps sayin "yes it will be done".....its already been going on sice july last year with no signs of anything anywhere near done!! he gets to code completein and then wipes everything and starts again if one poxy line isnt indented perfectly or somethin dumb like that...hes testing my patience.

thats enough ranting...onto the actual issue...

basically i have a client who requested a 2co gateway implimented into the site...i thought no problem. i installed the code which was simple...tested it with there sandbox tools, it all worked perfect....then i installed it live on site..AND IT DIDNT WORK...no idea why, perfect in test mode, nothing in live mode :S

so thats when i hired this developer...who just keeps sayin "yes no problem" or "ill do it tonight" and then not seeing him for 3 weeks. then everytime he presents me with code its completely diffrent as hes one of these that gets a "brilliant" idea that consists of deleting and recoding 6k lines of code like its a 2 second job. hes made me miss 4 deadlines, which now means im being counter charged on this job and its putting me in debt!! ...he seems to think that debt is a magical word that means happiness and glory!! ...but isnt everything when its not you losing money!!

i hav part written code and im feeling like i have nothing!

is there anyone out there who would offer me some help please...even send me a quote if noones happy to help me for free. i just need this done before my kids have no schooling fund left and i end up in a river!! :P

the gateway is being installed on codeigniter....i need this created using the ins and not any other way.

i can post code here if necessary

thanks guys...sorry for my depressing post

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Fire the developer you hired and hire someone more competent.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your 2Checkout integration. The only integration difference between live and test mode is the way that the MD5 hash is validated. If you contact our support at techsupport@2co.com and provide the code that you are having problems with, we will be happy to help you sort it out. There is also a 2Checkout CodeIgniter tutorial available which may help, but it sounds like everything is working already (atleast in demo mode) so it is probably just a quick fix in the function that handles the INS messages.


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