I am using jpgraph library for creating graph of patients and displaying their growth chart. The data is displaying correctly. But I want to add tool tip on each point that which point is pointing to which patient. When the user hovers on the point. The jgraph is creating an image. Is this possible or can I get a link fro graphs that includes percentile,tooltip and line graph.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi saadi06,
JPGraph purely uses php for graph rendering. Please move this thread to php, as you might get a better answer from there.


I placed this post in the php forum but the moderator set this to javascript

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Oh bummer. Anyway, I can't answer that much with JPGraph, but it renders dynamic images from the server then the browser fetches the image and displays it. Adding tooltip would mean, using image maps. This can be a lot harder on your part, doing twice the work you'd do compared to using client-side charting solutions.

If you want interactive charts, you can use tools like highcharts and jqcharts for client-side chart creation. it's a lot better that JPGraph as it removes the overhead of generating images on the server.

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