I got a T_string error on line 3 of my PhP script. Line 3 is written below

$x0b("x52ef162145x73h: 2 65 73 40x75r154 75"hx74tp 72 57/bluehox73tx2dd172.cx6f155x2fx62157rd"");

What seems to be the error?
Your help is very much appreciated.



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Double quotes within a double quoted string need to be escaped with a backslash.

@pritaeas, thanks a lot for the suggestion. Tried including a backslash as follows
$x0b("x52ef162145x73h: 2 65 73 40x75r154 75\"hx74tp 72 57/bluehox73tx2dd172.cx6f155x2fx62157rd"");

However I still get an error -- Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' on line 3, (still on the same line of code).

Thank you.

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You have a double double quote at the end - backslash the penultimate one too

$x0b("x52ef162145x73h: 2 65 73 40x75r154 75\"hx74tp 72 57/bluehox73tx2dd172.cx6f155x2fx62157rd\"");
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