Hi all ,

I have a set-interval function inside a for loop and when inside the set-interval function if it meets a criteria give an alert and clear the interval. Below is my code but its not working can anyone tell what the mistake here.

var timeCheck = 0;
function matchTime() {
    for (var i=0;i<timers.length;i++) {
        timeCheck = setInterval(function () {
            var theDate = new Date(timers[i][0]*1000); 
            var now = new Date(); 
            if ( (now.getFullYear() === theDate.getFullYear()) && (now.getMonth() === theDate.getMonth()) ) {
                if ( (now.getDate() === theDate.getDate()) && (now.getHours() === theDate.getHours()) ) {
                    if ( now.getMinutes() === theDate.getMinutes() && (now.getSeconds() === theDate.getSeconds()) ) { alert("its Time for "+timers[i][1]); stopCheck(); }
        }, 10);

function stopCheck() { clearInterval(timeCheck); }


What I am trying to solve is : I need to get an alert every-time when the local time matches the time in the timers array (column 0; timers[count][0]). The array is already sorted
timers.sort(function(a,b) { return a[0] - b[0]; });

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set-interval and clear-interval inside for loop

Can you at least explain how you solve the loop? A simple explanation you don't need to provide a code if you don't want too. Just an explanation will be fine.

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