I have found myself well out of my depth, using a template to create a web site with both JS and PHP scripts. Perhaps someone here can help me?

The single page website is accually finished and works well when viewed in a browser from local files. These have been uploaded to 1and1 (my host) but fail to produce some of the nice little effects as intended when viewed online.

As far as I can see the files have all been uploaded in their correct position and order (it seems to be very important to have ajax.googleapis.com in the correct level - I had it wrong at first on my local drive)
The site is www.garden-design.co.uk

When you land on the page the only thing you should see is a large area with a black background (and text and photo) and the menu on the LHS.

What you actually see should be reveiled only by pressing the "continue" button. It should close down again by clicking the www.garden-design.co.uk speach balloon.

Any ideas what I (or 1and1) have done?

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this isn't really the best place to ask questions about this. maybe the web development forum is a more suitable place.

I think he posted here thinking Java and JavaScript was the same or similar. This thread should be moved.

In any case, if its working locally but not at the hosting site it's either that the JavaScript files were not uploaded or that the reference to those files (paths) are not correct.

Oops, sorry guys. My ignorance has been amply demonstrated. I'll try elsewhere. Thanks for the 'paths' observation though. It had occured to me.....I'll try to check.

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