I am stuck with the simple task.

I want to run php script every 5 minutes (now trying to run every mionute for testing)

I read that I have to run

crontab -e and put commands. Somehow the file is having no commnds added, but as far as I know there are cron jobs of php commnads runnig on server. SO why this file can be having no commnads?

Ok then I add command:

*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/darius/repos/ball_lotto/ball_lotto_start

I exit, it asks save.

File Name to Write: /tmp/crontab.YOpGve/crontab

tmp directory - looks suspitious - is taht really the rigtt directory? But since its default it should be right.

So I save and nothing happening. How can I debug? to at least see errors or what.

The script url from the browser looks like:


so did I do ok? Btw this is codeigniter project.

I read that logs should be in var/log/syslog but the file was not even existing, (I remember I have deleted that file earlier to clean up disk space) but I assume it should be created once logs are run. Ok I still created it manually, but still not seeing any information in it.

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