hello there
I m trying to do database connectivity with sqlserver2000 it runs if i write that code in a normal java file
but if i run that code with jsp file it gives an exception com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver
Although i hav set the CLASSPATH of Jar file for sqlserver 2000
here is my program

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connectivity problem with sqlserver2000

Are you having problems loading the jar file?

I mean you post the error: exception com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver

Where is your code?

I mean it's a connection problem.

I don't know where to local that issue, it's in your code.

this exception occurs in eclipse juno. what to do?

What to do? Post exception that you are getting, we do not see on your screen so we wouldn't know what eclipse is complaining about...

Friend Exception is same as above
i wonder where to add jar files for sqlserver in eclipse so that this problem got removed.

/WEB-INF/lib/ - This directory contains JAR files that contain Java class files (and associated resources) required for your application, such as third party class libraries or JDBC drivers.

i hav already added msbase.jar mssqlserver.jar msutil.jar but still it doesnot work whereas connectivity code is working if i don't use eclipse juno

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