Guys help with this... are all this paths to the file.

I found this on google

This is the link Click Here

The Structure,gf,lr,sy57,cwsc,wta,sy119,ntf,sy44,sy45,sy46,sy48,sy52,sy47,sy53,sy49,sy55,sy54,sy50,sy56,sy51,adct/rt=j/ver=V7Ny-OUsbvw.en_US./am=CA/d=0/sv=1/rs=AItRSTNTQEkMjnw5NEaDowS7vIR7ajYYrw

This is the main file: "rv=PretRSTNTQEkMjnw545454545Yrw". no extensions just plain but I want to ask if all this: /xjs/_/... are paths to that file.

Another thing is that some of the path are in the file itself...Just try and search for this words in the will find them there:

Thank you.

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Sorry to appear rude, but you are, of course, having a laugh if you expect anone to wade through all that.
Is there a question here, or are you trying to hack google?

commented: lol +5

Nope! Just some kinda doing some research...Does it appear like an hack? I just need nice direction that's all.

And yes, I would think that in a massive and complex site like Google, addresses like that are needed to locate specific information.

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