I can't figure out why my nivo slider is not showing, the link to the jsbin is here http://jsbin.com/opucok/4/edit. I followed the directions in the nivo website exactly, and the slider works when it isn't with the rest of my html and css code.

I never use jsbin but I tested it in jsFiddle and it works there.

If you are not seeing it on your live site, perhaps you have some other JS on the page or included in a file that is conflicting with the Nivo plugin.

It looks like you have an error that was caught by the console log. Also noticed that you have two references on the page to jQuery. You only need the one in the head section.

The nivoSlider plugin is failing to load for some reason. Try using a full path to the plugin file rather.

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'nivoSlider'