I made c# asp.net web form application with visual studio 2008 with oracle 10g database using Oracle.DataAccess. When I start debugging or start withoutdebuggin from visual studio, it workd fine. (visual studio and oracle 10g server and client are installed in my pc). I publish the application and use ftp to upload it into the web server (free shared asp.net hosting site). When I go to the url, the application's first page appeared. but, when I click Select(which select information from DB) button on the application, gives me error. ("Oops! This link appears to be broken.")
If the error tells me what's wrong with apps, then I can try to fix the problem, however, I have no idea what's wrong with apps by "Oops! This link appears to be broken."....

Does anyone tells me how to see the actual error message? or any guess what's wrong with the application?

This is I used in my app.(works fine in visual studio environment...) Should I change the host? port??

string MyDB = "Data Source=(DESCRIPTION="
+ "User Id=demo;Password=demo;";

OracleConnection conn = new OracleConnection(DB101);
conn.ConnectionString = DB101;



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Addition: I am very new to asp.net.(trying to create web based version of my desktop app). Previously I made C# asp.net app without any database in the same web server and it works fine. It might be my free asp.net application hosting site does not support to connect db. it is free after all.

Unfortunately its challenging to answer you based on the description. You did indicate that it worked locally so at least you know your code works. Does this free provider have any documentation regarding support for data sources including connection info?

Dear JorgeM,
Thank you for your reply. I sent an e-mail asking if they support it or not.
Since I never have experience to publish an asp.net web application connect to db, I have no idea what causing the problem....
If the hosting service supports everything I need to do, then I can see more detailed error message like ORA-error on the screen like I saw them in the visual studio environment?

The error message you will see depends on the type of error and where the error occurs. for example, if if the error is asp.net related and you have your web.config to get detailed error messages you would get more than just the generic error response. In your web.config, you would set it...

      <customErrors mode="off"/>

Now, if the error occurs at the web server level, you wouldnt see an error generated by the asp.net engine, it would come from the web server itself.

In addition, your web browser may have friendly errors enabled and therefore you are getting the "Oops! This link appears to be broken." It sounds like you are running Google Chrome? This would be an indication that you really got a 404 Page Not found back from the web server which is an indication that you are using the incorrect URL.

I modified my web config file to <customErrors mode="Off"></customErrors> then it shows me the errors.
This is a lot better than "Oops! This link appears to be broken."
Thank you very much for your help.

Now, time to resolve the problems...

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