Hi All

I am trying to implement implement a coherent, extendable object oriented solution in PHP. I am not sure where to start to solve this problem. (Not home work)

The Problem
•   I need to use a basic command line program that when called will retrieve and store a list of the most recent tweets of a given screen name.
•   The screen name should be passed in on the command line. Eg. 
o   $ php gettweets.php @itccompliance
•   The program should access tweets for the screen name given by using the Twitter API. 
o   I need to use the following API URL: https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=
•   Tweets should be stored in a text file, named according to the screen name passed in.
•   There is no need to store any history of tweets, only the most recent returned by the API.
•   I need to consider that all parts of this program will need to be modified easily in the future. In  
    particular tweets are likely to be stored in a database instead of a text file.

Thanks in advance

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I am not sure where to start to solve this problem.

Do you know how to use/build a class? Do you know how to use the Twitter API? That should be your start.

Hi Pritaeas - I am new to OOP and API connection are you able to sart me off on this with some structure.

Thanks inadvance


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