How do I create a pop up effect that appears when you click on a link?

I am looking at some web tutorials and I can't find a tutorial where I can create a link that if you select it a pop up shows up but it keeps you on the same page. just like the login button on daniweb.

Does that make sense?

Anyone got any resources/info on that?

Sorry if this is a stupid question that sounds like me asking you to do my homework (it is a personal project).

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Do yu want to build it yourself, or do you want to use something like HighSlide (ready made and free) ?

Well, I want to learn from it so I plan on building it. I am not much of a plugin user..

Basically what happens when you click, is that it just shows a new div over your existing content. So you need to know how to manipulate the DOM. There's a lot of information about showing/hiding div's. Something like this perhaps.

Thanks you guys, I managed to figure it out.

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