I am currently working on a big webpage project. I basicly need to create webpage that one can create your account with. I have the HTML part covered.

I need to make a script in the client side of the webpage so that it will send the information e.g. First name, last name, email etc... to my server so that the server can create a new HTML file that will be the member's profile page. I know a lot C++, some C#/Java, so I will basicly make my server in C++ or C#/Java.

But what I need help with is the client side script/applet. My aim is that all browsers can access my site without having to download and install e.g. JVM. If I create my client side applet in C# will all browsers be able to acces it? Seing that C# is more of a microsoft thing, and I dont know if it requires extra plugins to be installed in a browser to enable the user to view it.

Java on the other hand requires that the browsers Java support options is enabled. And as I know Java is portable, it should have much support in IE, firefox and other browsers.

So basicly I want to create the client side applet/script that will connect to my server and send the user's information to my server. But I dont know wich language to use, as I want my webpage to be view-able by the most populer browsers and not just IE or Firefox.

Also can the client sie be written in JavaScript? It seems the easiest as JS is very populer for writing webpages.

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Also can the client sie be written in JavaScript? It seems the easiest as JS is very populer for writing webpages.

You are talking about the frontend of the website?

Used ASP.net for your website. This is the closest language that you can related to:


Unless you want to used PHP?

I am talking about the user will open the webpage in his browser, will in some information, click the submit button and then the webpage will send that information to my server so I can create a another wepage with that information. I have the writing part under control I just don't know wich language would be best to do this in webpages and still make the webpages compatible with all browsers.

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