Please share best tutorial to learn web developement.I am excited to learn programming languages

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It's good to know you're eager, however you need to remember that learning them takes time, so don't expect to be making the next Facebook or Google on your first tutorial!

I should firstly point out the official documentation for HTML: Click Here
This has some nice tutorials, and should be the first place you look when you need to check the syntax of something, or you're unsure.

Secondly, I would recommend Youtube, plenty of good tutorials on here for the basics of HTML and CSS. Once you have mastered these, you can then look into JavaScript (Mozilla documentation: Click Here)

Buy some good books, This one is extremelly good and shows you the basics to some nice advanced things you can do with HTML and CSS.

Once you've got HTML and CSS under your belt, begin looking at JavaScript, once you have that then a serverside is a good language to have such as PHP or ASP.NET

Good luck and maintain the attitude!

If you are trying to learn online. Go out for the best online website to get learn web development languages.

the best tutorial is hands on activities... expirement with what you can build and then go on to sites like youtube, nettuts, etc. to learn more... In your case, have you ever tried reading the forum's... you can learn a lot from reading...

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