I haven't had to do Php in about 5years and I'm having some trouble doing the simplest task.

I use Javascript to send some parameters from a querystring to my page and so some may be 'undefined'

I want to build a mySQL query based on these parameters, therefore need to skip those that are 'undefined'

I can't seem to get this to work properly..any help would be appreciated.

    $WhereClause = "";  

     if (isset($_REQUEST['lname']) && $_REQUEST['lname'] === 'undefined')        
            $WhereClause .= " surname like \"%$lname%\"";

    $query = "SELECT * from foo

            " . $WhereClause . "

            LIMIT $start, $pagesize";

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undefined is Javascript, not PHP. You maybe thinking of null but isset takes care of that check. What you could do is combine trim and empty.

Two main problems stand out to me right away:

  1. Your if statement is only true if lname contains the value undefined (curious why you'd store "undefined" in a variable?).
  2. You're missing the actual "WHERE" keyword.

If $_REQUEST['lname'] contains undefined, your SQL query will look like this:

SELECT * from foo surname like \"%$lname%\ LIMIT $start, $pagesize

To fix, A) change line 1 to:

$WhereClause = "WHERE";

B), change line 3 to:

if (isset($_REQUEST['lname']) && $_REQUEST['lname'] !== 'undefined')

Please allow me to be much more specific...i'm using a Jquery Datagrid (jqGrid) to display my data. Its loaded via json and so i'm using Javascript to receive the querystring paramenters from my form and pass them onto my data.php

This might not be the most elegant way to do this, I've just started working on it last night.


        $(document).ready(function () {

        var qs = getQueryStrings();
        var lname = '?lname=' + qs["lname"]; 
        var myURL = 'data.php' + lname


        function getQueryStrings() { 
          var assoc  = {};
          var decode = function (s) { return decodeURIComponent(s.replace(/\+/g, " ")); };
          var queryString = location.search.substring(1); 
          var keyValues = queryString.split('&'); 

          for(var i in keyValues) { 
            var key = keyValues[i].split('=');
            if (key.length > 1) {
              assoc[decode(key[0])] = decode(key[1]);

          return assoc; 


    $WhereClause = " WHERE ";   

    if (isset($_REQUEST['lname']) && $_REQUEST['lname'] !== 'undefined')
            $WhereClause .= " surname like \"%$lname%\"";

    $query = "SELECT MAIN.*, Regiment.*, UnitText1.* , Country.* , Cemetary.*

                        FROM MAIN

                            INNER JOIN Regiment ON MAIN.regiment_ID = Regiment.ID

                            INNER JOIN Cemetary ON MAIN.Cemetary_ID = Cemetary.ID

                            INNER JOIN Country ON MAIN.Country_ID = Country.ID

                            INNER JOIN UnitText1 ON MAIN.UnitText1_ID = UnitText1.ID 

                            " . $WhereClause . "

                            LIMIT $start, $pagesize";       

Well, like i said it's beena while, but I managed to sort my issue

i was forgetting to SET to variable


$lname = $_GET['lname'];
$WhereClause = " WHERE ";   

    if (isset($_REQUEST['lname']) && $_REQUEST['lname'] !== 'undefined')
            $WhereClause .= " surname like \"%$lname%\"";
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