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I want to create a multiple pagination for my records in one page using jquery. I have developed in javascript and it works but I dont know in jquery. Any example is very much appreciated.


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I will display records from database(photos from the server) and is by labeled by category. First category is Company Outreach(for example set of pictures and title is Company Outreach), it will display set photos in the gallery in that event. Next set is Recreation(for example set of pictures and title is Recreation), it will display set photos in the gallery for Recreation and so on. So all these photos will be displayed in one page at the same time. One of the requirement is to create a pagination for these galleries and each galleries has a pagination. If you have three sets of photo gallery, then there will be 3 pagination(should be develop in Jquery by creating your own plugin and I haven't done a plugin before).

Any help is very much appreciated.

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