The issue... janrain is a application that allows for other websites to login using facebook/myspace/yahoo and various other providers. When I put it on my phpox website, it goes thru the process but when it comes back to my website, it sometimes says authenticaion canceled. It has never let a new user join per the janrain application.

When I tried to debug the information, I found a missing key error message per sql queries, but was told that this isnt the cause, dont know if I should believe that or not.

I just want this fixed.

This was installed via fresh install, and janrain has reviewed the details and found no problems with the installation and setting on their end for MY setup of janrain.

Hi, without the code is not simple to solve the problem. Check phpfox bug tracker, from their community forums it seems there are different problems with janrain.

what code can I provide that will help, the sql query missing key?

SQL Queries
SELECT html_data
FROM phpfox_theme_template
WHERE folder = 'default' AND type_id = 'controller' AND module_id = 'janrain' AND name = 'rpx.html.php'
/* OO Query */
Id Select Type Table Type Possible Keys Key Key Len Ref Rows Extra
1 SIMPLE MISSING KEY Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables

Please run this query:

show create table phpfox_theme_template\G

And paste results here, this error seems to be caused by conflicting conditions in the WHERE clause. For example if you have a users table and run explain select * from users where id = 1 and username = 'veranopage' and there is no match between the conditions i.e. id 1 matches with another user, you get the same error as yours which equals to an empty result set. But in your case it seems related strictly to an index key.

A part from this I cannot help much more since their knowledge base is restricted:

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