Hi all,

So i was doing globalization with resources, what happened, i tried basica country identification:
pt - portugal;
pl - poland;
es - spain;
and so on so on,

what happen didnt work and a very big crash, after I put portugal file as language.pt-PT.esrx, and that one worked, when i tried to put poland.pl-PL.esrx it crashed again.
poland it still to resolve, so wento to put Language.en-GB.esrx, and it created code that went to the language.esrx file and give incompatible code, what is this, cant globalizasion be easy? is the an easy way.

Can anybody knows what the hell is this, we have to put the correct iso code for each country?

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the code works the problem is the resources

by that site you can see what i was talking about, default.aspx.hi-in.nesx
where the hi-in is the country and language, has on all the globelisation examples do.


Your issue is the resources but not the code, can you please verify all the resources that you are using for the project.

they are created by copying the default resouorce file, only gives erros when i change the name of some to theres respective countrys like pl-PL and en-GB this ones are the one that give erros.
But pt-Pt, es-ES, en-US, dont crash the website

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