Is it possible to display a text box next to a cfselect upon selection in the cfselect.

If someone selects an option from the dropdown I need a date type field to be display. Is this possible perhaps with coldfuision and ajax?

What options are in the select?

Fully Successful
Needs Improvement

What I need is that when some select Needs Improvement a text box will appear when a date needs to be entered

I've create a simple jsfiddle.

BTW I'm from a ColdFusion background, but I never used any cfform statements.

Input text not showing when choosing needs improvement. How come you dont use cfform statements?

It works I added the jquery links and

        if($(this).val()==3) {
        } else {

I also added the document ready function. The only thing is that I cannot make the field a datefield type is not adding the calendar next to the text box

I change input to cfinput and the calendar works


The jsfiddle, as you have found, adds the onready handler. The reason I never use the cfform statements is that they seemed to require the same amount of work as simply adding the raw HTML equivalents. Sometimes, they require more work.