Hello all,

this might not be related to php (I don't know which forum I should post this topic) so I thought may be someone could help me out.

How to edit pdf file ? Is there any specific software to edit adobe pdf file ?

I have tried adobe acrobat x yet I do not know how to do it nor how to use the software.

Anyone could help me give any further recommendation?


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Adobe acrobat professinal allows you to edit using touch up text tool. You can not format like word doucment but minor changes can be done easily.
Acrobat Reader will not allow.

I am not sure about any other pdf editor software

In order to be able to edit a PDF, all you need to do is first convert it to a word document, then save it as PDF.

Can Adobe Acrobat X edit pdf file? I do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional only Adobe Acrobat X.

Wwell, I guess you try it out first. I have not used acrobat x yet, but it is worth a try

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