I am having problems accessing what for me is a complex JSON object.
I successfully interrogated the Open Weather API and received a good response.
What I am not accessing, and don’t know how to, is the individual items of the weather portion of the list group while in a for loop.
When printed the values are undefined.
Thanks for any help!
The Response from the open weather API

                  "description":"sky is clear",
                  "description":"moderate rain",

In trying to print to the browser I use the following to access the weather section but this does not wok and gives me a value of undefined.

//Turn JSON string into a javaScript object
 weatherOutPut = JSON.parse(weather);

 $('#baker').append('weather.id = ' + weatherOutPut.data.list[i].weather.id + '<br />');
 $('#baker').append('weather.main = ' + weatherOutPut.data.list[i].weather.main + '<br />');
 $('#baker').append('weather.description = ' + weatherOutPut.data.list[i].weather.description + '<br />');
 $('#baker').append('weather.icon = ' + weatherOutPut.data.list[i].weather.icon + '<br />'); 

 //This returns undefined.

I found the syntax I was looking for.
an example is:
Problem solved

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