Hi all.

I have a grid table and I need to set globally 2 kind of values for emptyrecords:
1. 'Nothing to display from the DB' -> if no data is retrieved from mysql
2. 'No data matches the search' -> after using search and nothing matched.

Till now I succeeded just to set globally emptyrecords, but only with one value:

$.extend($.jgrid.defaults,{emptyrecords: "Nothing to display"});

I have tried to combine with other methods:
-jQuery("#grid-tbl").jqGrid('navGrid','#grid-pg',{emptyrecords: "No data matches the search"});
but it didn't work.

Please advise if it is possible to achieve this with jqGrid?

It would seem to me that both of your requirements are the same. That is, there are no records found.

jqGrid is a client side component. Getting data from the database is a server side operation, which if there are no records found shouldn't even bother trying to display a jqGrid - just a "No records found" message, with an option to refine the search.