Hi all.

I have a grid table and I need to set globally 2 kind of values for emptyrecords:
1. 'Nothing to display from the DB' -> if no data is retrieved from mysql
2. 'No data matches the search' -> after using search and nothing matched.

Till now I succeeded just to set globally emptyrecords, but only with one value:

$.extend($.jgrid.defaults,{emptyrecords: "Nothing to display"});

I have tried to combine with other methods:
-jQuery("#grid-tbl").jqGrid('navGrid','#grid-pg',{emptyrecords: "No data matches the search"});
but it didn't work.

Please advise if it is possible to achieve this with jqGrid?

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It would seem to me that both of your requirements are the same. That is, there are no records found.

jqGrid is a client side component. Getting data from the database is a server side operation, which if there are no records found shouldn't even bother trying to display a jqGrid - just a "No records found" message, with an option to refine the search.

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