So I'm using this program that has 2 important sections of code that determine the iframe height and width.

            if (!images[imageIndex][2]) images[imageIndex][2] = ''; // Thanks to Leo Feyer for offering this fix
            WH = images[imageIndex][2].split(' ');
            WHL = WH.length;
            if (WHL>1) {
                mediaWidth = (WH[WHL-2].match("%")) ? (window.getWidth()*((WH[WHL-2].replace("%", ""))*0.01))+"px" : WH[WHL-2]+"px";
                mediaHeight = (WH[WHL-1].match("%")) ? (window.getHeight()*((WH[WHL-1].replace("%", ""))*0.01))+"px" : WH[WHL-1]+"px";
            } else {
                mediaWidth = "";
                mediaHeight = "";
            URL = images[imageIndex][0];
            URL = encodeURI(URL).replace("(","%28").replace(")","%29");
            captionSplit = images[activeImage][1].split('::');


mediaType = 'url';
                mediaWidth = mediaWidth || options.defaultWidth;
                mediaHeight = mediaHeight || options.defaultHeight;
                mediaId = "mediaId_"+new Date().getTime();  // Safari may not update iframe content with a static id.
                preload = new Element('iframe', {
                    'src': URL,
                    'id': mediaId,
                    'width': mediaWidth,
                    'height': mediaHeight,
                    'frameborder': 0

No matter what I do, I cannot get the iframe's width and height limit to become what I specify.
I'm trying to remove the scrollbars and have it show EXACTLY the height and width I specify. What can I do?
Here's the code I enter to actually start the lightbox.

 <a href="!sight-for-sore-ears/c1u3j" rel="lightbox[external 710 1000]" title="Sight for Sore Ears" >
<img src="">

I feel this is much simpler than I'm making it out to be. The Iframe is the only thing I want effected, the backdrop and jazz should remain as is. Overflow: Hidden just messes it up wherever I place it.

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