I was wanting to develop some PHP websites on my own laptop to build up knowledge of PHP and was wondering what I needed on my laptop for PHP. At university we use filezilla to upload our files to the uni's server but I haven't got that facility at home. I know you can use Microsoft IIS and was wondering is it just IIS and PHP I need to download or is there anything else?


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IIS and PHP is possible. If you want data driven websites then you'll need to install SQL Server too. Another option can be WAMP or XAMPP which use Apache and MySQL.

Thanks, that's great might have a look at using WAMP.

Is online site for practics php please Give me

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Although you CAN use IIS and MSSQL with PHP on Windows, you would probably be better off getting a setup that is as close as possible to your target server. Your remote server for PHP will probably be a LAMP system, if so, download WAMP or XAMPP for use on local Windows.

If you insist on using IIS, I don't think you need to download it, it should already be present as part of Windows - well, it was the last time I checked x versions ago :)

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