I have a task and a half that i am sure i can do, just want to be pushed in the right direction:

i have a web page (asp.net c#), on it has a button that when clicked should launch the file dialog window, users must be able to select multiple files at once. Those files selected must then be placed in a structure (listview, array or something) An file that is over 10MB or is not an image file the user must see that file and be able to remove it.

once all the files have passed the requirement those files must now be stored to another location (another server) outside of the actual server that has the web application. The external location has a particular folder that the images must be saved to, if that folder does not exist it must be created and then the images be saved in a prescribed format eg( IMG + DateTimeStamp >> IMG_1202200512:45PM.jpg) to the folder. Any error during the upload to the external sever should prevent all remaining files from being saved to the external location and the user notified.

The client browser is IE9

I will be researching on how to do this but if someone has done this before feel free to post your solution.

looks like an end of semester/year project... you know better than to ask for someone to post a solution.

It not a semester project i like to challenge myself and in order not to reinvent the wheel before i being a project i would post it online. Thank you

When i complete it i will share it right here...totally rude of you to make such an outlandish statement .....foolish

totally rude of you to make such an outlandish statement .....foolish

I do not beleive that my post was unreasonable or far fetched. I do not see where I was rude. At most, I assumed something without having any facts.

When i complete it i will share it right here..

Before I posted, I had checked your activity over the past year. Most of your posts have been left without any feedback for those who have helped you in the past. In many cases, no indication if the help you received was accurate so others can benefit. To me, this thread seemed like help for an assignment, or task as you indicated.

With regard to this thread, you had asked for similar help on this thread and did not provide any feedback from the responses you received.

There's no need to start an argument, i'll leave it be and let you work with some other members that could provide you with the help you are looking for. Good luck.

Well there is a whole lot of concepts involved with your question.I will come to that later but Let me be true with you Please dont be rude with any community member who helps you. They are here to help you without any personal benefit.So you must be obliged to them. They are not getting paid for answering you. So In my view you should not abuse anyone helping you atleast publicly. This is very very bad thing. If you were in any other forums like asp.net you might got your account banned for this kind of behaviour.

In my view this is not the correct way to ask question. It will be always better to show your attempt with relevant codes and work so that people might understand what you are upto and what kind of help you require. You are asking for some kind of direction but first be sure for what you want the answer for. You just pasted your requirement over here. Do you think there would be anyone who will answer your complete query. So My personal advice be precise and understand what do you need to ask.

You need to look into this and understand how to ask questions in a technical forum.


Hi Guys,

Just giving an update, i am so far able to combine the uploadify plugin with my ftp connection class (wrote it recently)to make the ftp plugin. I am not quite finish will test some more and upload the solution shortly.