hi everyone,
i run a website and the email script for some reason is sending emails to users trash/spam folder, or npt sending at all.
it seems to be on most yahoo email addresses, and possibly gmail.

the email script is written with php in codeigniter, and it runs on a justhost server.

a friend told me to use outlookexpress to route the mails, and says its to do with justhosts srvers?? , but using outlook seems like im running away from the actual problem...

so is there a way to solve this? or is outlook the only option?


If other users sent emails classified as spam from justhost, then the spam filters may have blocked some/all of their IPs. You should read about spam filtering and you'll understand more about what the spam filters look for and what you need to do to avoid them. There isn't a silver bullet for this and you shouldn't expect that everything will get through. There are things that you can do to minimize the problem. You can start with this:
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And ensure your mail is not formatted with title or content that would trigger a spam filter
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