I have a page with a list of users. Every time i click on a username a div will be loaded via ajax, and this div will contain the user details plus another ajax link that will be used to display a floating div that will contain a form to send a message to the user.
The first time i load the user everything will be going just fine, and when i click on the "send a private message to the user" link just one request will be triggered.
If i load then another user (or the same user) when i click on the "send a message" link two request will be triggered, and then 3, and then 4 and so on. Please, i'm a new poster and posting on mobile cos its urgent so the code wont be easy to post. But i hope the problem has been well explained. Please people help!

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hai Olyboy16,

in my point of view, its vaery hard to explain by seeing the explanation.

it will be easy to expert of here atleast by seeing the example or the code for giving a proper solution to your problem

lets see if any expert of here can try to give a solution to your problem

so please wait some more time for the experts valuable response

happy coding

K thanks man. Its cos of the mobile i'm using, if i was wif my PC, i woulda posted the code

that's because you are using addeventlistener method assignment on that container instead of a simple onclick or onsubmit function assignments.

The true solution though, is not doing that dynamically.

All right ?
(...you didn't get killed on a car accident or something?...)

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