i m building a website with asp.net language and i have made the session and the login and log out
but i have trouble that when i click back in the browser and return the session remain
so my question how to end the session and return to the main page (logon page) and (my information about java is like a beginnner ) and i have read that i can make this by java to end the session
hope i will have an answer :)

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I think this is probably a JavaScript thing, not Java. Try posting it in the Web Development section

this is the Java forum of Daniweb. for asp.net related questions, I'm pretty sure this forum ASP.net is more suited.

How are you clearing the Sessions and Forms Authentication?

This should help:


If you are simply doing a back button on the page it will still show the page as if you were logged in, but on refresh it should be ok.

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