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Have you seen this done somewhere?

pdf files are simply text with an XML structure to define visual attributes (at least, as far as I know), and javascript has nothing to do with any of it....

What are you trying to accomplish?


I stand slightly corrected...you can embed executables in a pdf. Launching it through javascript... meh? Don't think it's possible outside of a browser that is running adobe acrobat, or some other pdf reader, as a plug-in.

Doing what you want seems a bit shady. Again, what are you trying to do? Maybe there is a better method that emulates your goal.


well lastest acrobat option allow developer to attach javascript. am trying to emulate a pdf that interract with a user using javascripting. imagine a pdf that launches a slide show when open. that the goal


and ryan being a geek has made me realise that when it comes to hacks notings immpossible


Sounds like youre using the wrong tool for the job... why not just send a power point? If youre into adobe products, just make an FLV that is independent of the browser...

Why fight with a product when many others exist and do what you want more effectively?

Just an opinion. In no way are you wrong to try what you are trying, I just feel that there is a less painful way of going about it...


well that takes the geekiness out of it. what the point of solving a problem when you look for a shortcut instead. the reacson for the post in to challegne the mind

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