Hello, I have a project to sent messages to HODs in an organization and I have developed a HTML/PHP/MySql app that sends the messages. What i need help now is: How to notify userB on his computer that he has a message when userA sends him a message.

Any urgent help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Didn't you think about this before building the system? :)

Should these messages come through to an user's phone, home PC or just work PC? What about email?

It's not really complicated to build a simple program that runs in the background, pinging your server for updates, and then pops up a notification when something happens. On Windows, the .NET framework has fairly simple objects you can use to do that. On other systems, there are also ways to do that. (For example, using Python and it's GTK bindings, you can get something working for most Linux distros pretty quickly.)

I also know Chrome has the ability to show desktop notifications, though that might be limited to extensions.

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