I'm trying to find out which of the following WEB/MOBILE Developing Tool.
2. PHP
Which one of them is the best in terms of robust web application, tight Security, mobile application, database application, etc.

I will like to know which one with reasons.

There is no single answer for this...

It all depends on what you are doing...

If you are making a web-app that is hosted on the device: use JAVA for android, but you will then need to port over to iOS and C/C#

If you are doing a web-app, performance wise php/asp will probably be around the same, depending on the host. I would argue a slight edge to PHP over ASP. JAVA would, in my experience and opinion, be very slow for this application.

PHP requires that you know security on your own, and know how to interact with other technologies. It is fragile if built fragile, but very very powerful and secure if you know how to keep it that way.

I would assume the same for ASP, I am not too familliar with it other than it is proprietary from MicroSoft (or was... or something?)

JAVA takes a lot of the guess work about keeping things secure "out" but would require a few basic security measures, such as escaping strings for databases, etc...

All in all, the answer comes down to... it depends. What are you most comfortable with? Are there any open source tools written that helps you get a jump start? If so, what language are those in?

Thanks ryantroop. I sincerely appreciate your contributionm

However, I have a web/mobile application to develop. The application will have the features of e-commerce, network marketing/MLM and social media network, all three features will be built into one robust application. I want a tool that will make the job seemless without compromising on beauty(i.e. design concept and appeal) and security. As chief architect, I need tools that is easy to understand, good at manipulating strings and database, support good security features and can be supported. Meanwhile, I noticed that most banking application are developed with ASP. Can I conclude that ASP is the best?

I just need an advice from people who have worked with two or three of the tools above and can recommend the best.

Thanks for your contribution.

I have to chip in, that nothing of the above requirements are easier in one language or the other. If you are a chief architect, you should take into account the knowledge of the people who have to build it. I have used both PHP and ASP.NET, my personal preference for business applications would be ASP.NET. However I could just as easily build them with PHP.

If you go for ASP.NET using Visual Studio and TFS is the logical choice, for PHP you'd need to decide on a decent IDE and a CVS. If you already have skills with something, why choose something else now?

As for the best... You should use the right tools for the right job.

Hi Pritaeas,

Thanks for your comment and contribution. I appreciate it. Your points are well noted.


data about asp.net is easy to understand