Hi guys,

I am struggling with regular expression.Can you please suggest the regular expression for the below patterns.
I have tried many times with several patterns but still i could not resolve the below patterns.

  1. Must contain at least one alpha character (i.e. a, b, c etc,)
  2. Only accept the characters: numerals, spaces, +

    Also,provide some valuable reference urls.

    Thank you,

Does it have to start with a letter, or can it be anywhere in the string? Can you provide some samples?

This can be a start:

[a-z \+]+

If it always starts with a letter:

[a-z][a-z \+]*

No conditions. It can starts with letter or number or end with letter or number.
But only thing is it should contain one alphabet mandatory.

First name must conatain atleast single alphabet character.

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