I'm facing a problem with one of the wordpress website I've developed. I activated "Cloudflare" from the cpanel for the domain http://www.kovaidonbosco.com/. After that, all the pages in the website are pointing to the home page. Please try to select different pages from the menu and see. I de-activated "Cloudflare" and removed the DNS entry also. But still the same problem persists. Please help me with it.


Works fine for me. Probably it depends by your DNS, try to run this from a terminal:

dig www.kovaidonbosco.com

and then:

dig @ www.kovaidonbosco.com


dig www.kovaidonbosco.com.cdn.cloudflare.net

In the first two cases, if cloudflare is off, you should get your server IP. For more information check: https://support.cloudflare.com/entries/22066298-Hosting-Partner-Troubleshooting

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