Hi! I have building an application that requires a user login. The user name and password are stored in a database table. On login, I call a stored procedure that confirms the user name and password and then directs the user to the MyAccounts page. The problem is, I am new to session states and passing session variables. How do I pass the username and information to the my accounts page and keep the session open until the user closes the application or logs out?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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All you need to do is establish the session variable then assign th value to this variable. The session variable can be accessible until the user closes the browser or after 20 min of inactivity (default, but configurable). MSDN (Microsoft) has a really good article on this with examples.

ASP.NET Session State Overview


Create a User class, and add it to a Session.

Session["User"] = Users.GetUser(1);
Then you can grab the Session["User"] to fill any info you need.

Users usr = (Users)Session["User"];

string pass = usr.Password;
string usrName = usr.UserName;

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