I have a site hosted on NetworkSolutions using Joomla with mod_rewrite on. When I use that with php files, the pages load and stop, randomly, somewhere a part of the way into the file and fail to download completely. If I turn mod_rewrite off, and access the php page directly, it doesn't have this issue. Any thoughts on why this could be? perhaps there is some process either running out of memory or the rewrite of the URL causes the response time to exceed some keepalive timeout of the server and it just kills the connnection after a certain time? This has been vexing for a couple of days and I'd love some insight - and possibly some way to circumvent this issue.


Put this at the top of your PHP script and see if it gives you any errors:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

Thanks! and, Yes, this was tried. No errors or warnings were had. Not even notices. It just stops rendering midstream. It seems that maybe some buffering is going on between the joomla template and the php file wherein the included php is perhaps not completely stored in the buffer (since it's called via require once)... and what I end up with is just a partial render of the page. But, as I mentioned, it seems only to happen IF the mod_rewrite is used. Tried increasing memory, or keepalivetimeout and it doesn't affect this, and it's always the same pages too. Even considered bad characters (maybe some odd null terminators that are just in there somehow). Truly flummoxed. :-)

It's been my experience that out of memory issues will echo themselves as fatal errors when error reporting is enabled.

Some more information regarding the mod_rewrite and setup would be helpful.