I'm new with WordPress plugin development, I try to login and install a plugin with the WP user credentials without using login panel just like managewp.com people do..,

they ask me for my site name,username,pwd then they automatically install their own plugin to my WordPress and one more thing i add a capcha for login panel, but still they pass it and install their plugin

Please help me out, i'm stuck in this from last 5 days ..


I have a feeling you're getting a 'wordpress' account and your sites wordpress account mixed up.

Try logging in with a wordpress account which is associated with your website.

  1. Go to your site
  2. Go to the admin
  3. Open Jetpack
  4. Authorise it
  5. Go to manageWp.com
  6. Login

I can't gaurantee that'l fix it. But try it


you got me wrong i want to make same functionality as manageWP.com have...

Oh! my apologies :)

Well it seems you're going to need to do a bit more research. It will require multiple tables I think, one for each section. E.g Statistics etc. It's a rather big project.

How well versed in PHP are you?

I'm good with php, but new with wordpress

You'l need to look at Wordpress Hooks for exporting data. The best bet would be to make a site which works with static values. Then replace those static values with those which Wordpress sends

what how i can login without ftp and login panel ... and install a plugin ???

Your termonology is throwing me off a bit. Do you want to MAKE or INSTALL a plugin?

ya exactly same as managewP do , they only ask for site url , username and password and install their plugin directly ...

that i want to doo

In that case you need to make your own API etc, this is going to be a HUGE project..

ya i know i start working on it and i complete lots of task /....

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