Can some one tell me where I can find the function get_user_by_identity_row_array()in the flexi auth system?
it is usauly called like :

$this->data['user'] = $this->flexi_auth->get_user_by_identity_row_array(); 

I have looked every where, but maybe I’m missing it.. where can I find this?

Thanks in advance.

Well, have you checked where $this->flexi_auth gets defined? It must get defined somewhere ;). If it is not in the current class, it might be in the current class's parent class.

Instead of the code in your post, try:

$this->data['user'] = $this->flexi_auth->get_user_by_id_row_array();  

This is a known issue with the identity_row_array() function not working in flexi but returning an empty array.

Regards - Shawn

@minitauros, I have gone through all flexi auth files, I cant find it any where...

@flash Thanks I will try this, but I am looking for where the function itself is declared, I want to see how it works and edit it( I want to add fields).

Well, judging from the line of code you provided, $this->flexi_auth must be an object, as it can execute a function. It is impossible that it is not getting defined somewhere within the class you are working with or its parent class. Still can't find it, even if you do a thorough search? :o

nope... still can't find it is it possible that it si a variation of the function: get_user_by_identity_query? Because that is the only function I can find that is similar.

Of course, that could be :). But I can't tell for sure, as I don't know the flexi auth system.

-- Ok I've downloaded the flexi auth package and can't find the function as well. Are you sure it is an existing function?

haha.. yes I am sure, as it does return the user that is logged in details.

Hm I think I'm working with a different version or something then :S. Cause I can't even find "$this->flexi_auth". If you can point me to the package and file you're using, I'll give finding the function a try.

Yea I downloaded that but I can't find any lines containing the $this->flexi_auth you're talking about :o.