Dear friends,

I am working on representing data in graphical view.
Initialy i decide for column chart, in which each column represent a value associated with a variable.
The strange thing is that values ranges from 1 to 100000 or ever more.

Basically they are representations of types of data over network.
So, some protocol type received little packets while some receives million.

When I created graph using the original valuye, All i can see is the one or two lines who has highest values, remaining are so small that they are invisible.

Can anyone suggest any other way or representation then column chart where I can show all these highly variable values.

What is the best way to show data in graph whose min and max values are damn far apart.
Yeah codiang is in PHP.


Let me explain with an example.

Say There are 5 variables and their values and 3 such sets

variable1 10
variable2 100000000
variable3 2
variable4 123
variable5 49

variable1 1
variable2 190367
variable3 25
variable4 19827
variable5 172

variable1 2345345
variable2 23
variable3 2345
variable4 2
variable5 50

I have such datasets. see the vast difference in min and max values.
Can anyone suggest what type of graph will be best suitable to display such data?



So, You mean to say I should get log10 X (X is the actual value) and show that.
I wonder weather that will represent actual situation in graph.

Let me give it a try and i'll keep you posted.


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So, You mean to say I should get log10 X (X is the actual value) and show that.


I wonder weather that will represent actual situation in graph.

for values between 1 (10^0) and a million (10^6), your axis will go from 0 to 6 and you can supply your log values. Or if you prefer showing the actual values (1,10,100,1000...) on the ordinate axis, then your charting tool will probably need to be able to deal with log scales as you'll be supplying the original values, not the logs.

It all depends on your charting tool.

that's exactly what I did.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there any other way you can think representing the data?

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Why would you want to? Log10 is the way we do it. Think of a pH scale for example, usually quoted from -1 to 14, but it's a -log10 measurement [10^-14 to 10^1]. You can plot the pH values (-1 to 14) or use log scale - but I don't know how else to represent it - there are 16 orders of magnitude - that's crazily enormous, but so is 6 orders of magnitude (your example).

Despite of coding one can find various type of charting tools which is available in KoolChart which provides you 3D charting with support of HTML5, would like to suggest you to try at least once. Click here to get further information on pie chart, column chart and many more.

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Blatant advertising Lisse. Log scales available with a lot of open-source / free resources. Starting at $350, your solution is neither cheap nor unique. Sorry.